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Treats, Hugs and Bows with Ella

Good Evening everyone, Estrella Gitana de SMR “Gypsy Star of SMR” otherwise known as Ella the little angel. And yes, no matter what ElDorado says I am a little angel. Just because I don’t want anyone to mess with my food doesn’t mean I am not an angel. I mean look at my beautiful gait….it is just like that of an angel. I probably have the best gait in the barn….well next to Aunt Diosa….She truly has A Fine Step and is so elegant doing it. I heard dad say that my gait was a lot like my moms. I haven’t really seen her gait a lot but omg Aunt Diosa 😍😍😍 hers is beautiful.  ElDorado was talking about how he could bow and was going to be better than all the boys but us girls can bow too.  Rosa and Mia are both really good at it and I am learning too. We all have girl power!! And everyone knows that in a heard of horses, the boss mare is in charge of everyone…even the stallions. Our boss mare is Aunt Tia, and even though she is hurt, she is still in charge.  One day I want to be like her…the boss and in charge. That is what I am in training for, well that and to bow better than ElDorado and be a better show horse than him to show him girls are just as good as the boys. Tonight is treats night and I can’t wait.  I love to eat treats.  I promise I will try not to kick or bite dad tonight. Dad and mom have been doing a lot of things at the barn and getting things ready for this fall and winter. They work really hard and sometimes I worry about them because they are kind of old. Not real old but still. I will be getting my own stall soon and will be weaning from my mom like ElDorado. He brags because he is younger, but I don’t eat like he does(ALL the Time) his poor mom couldn’t keep up.  I like food but I have to watch my figure. If you want to gets treats, hugs or bows you can get them at  

Also, mom and dad are drawing for the last gifts on this months PEMF complete fundraiser.  Mom and dad said that we are having a dirty giveaway on Sunday 10/9 at 4 pm. You can get tickets at 

I heard these are a lot of fun. All donations go towards the barn building and getting ready for the upcoming winter. We horses feel truly blessed to have all you friends and family. Mom and Dad really appreciate everything everyone does and your prayers and encouragement mean the world. Well i got to go get ready, but I will, I mean we will see you all at 7:15 pm cst. Love to everyone from Daddy’s Little Angel and future Boss Mare.