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Treats Hugs and Bows with Sundance

Hello all, Sundance here and I just wanted to drop everyone a quick note and dispell any rumors. No matter how big I am, I am not expecting a baby. I just like to eat. And I am really not interested in any of the boys here. I mean Perfecto is my half brother and Eldorado is my full brother so NO! Oh and that Tanka, even though he is cute, he attitude really makes him not my type. Besides I think he thinks he is prettier than I am, and we all know that just isn't true. Tonight is my favorite night, Treat Night, and even though I have to have carb friendly treats, I really like to eat. So if you want to give me or any of the other horses treats, hugs or bows please go to I really hope dad and mom start on my end of the barn. Dad has been bringing more hay back to the barn today and mom has been working on our Smooth Moves Ranch Wellness Center information and creating documents for it. Oh wait before I forget, did you see the video of Tanka biting Elizabeth? She didn't do anything to him. She was being sweet giving him hay. Her, Hope and all the kids are really sweet to us and that was uncalled for. That is another reason I am not attracted to him. He really needs to work on his people skills. Don't forget you can get any merchandise on our website or our teespring site for 15% off by using promo code Fall2022 at checkout. The links to those sites and all our others are right here in our linktree We can't wait to see you all tonight around 7:30 pm on the live.

Much Love and Kisses,

Sundance aka Barbie Girl


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