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Treats, Hugs & Bows with the horses

Hello everyone we hope you are all doing well today. We are all doing pretty good here at SMR. We had a rough start to the day since Elizabeth announced that she was leaving again. Please pray for her that she makes the right decisions and is able to get the support she needs. We love her and will miss her here. However she has to make her own choices.

The other night we were looking at the old hay area trying to figure out if we could use that area as a temporary foaling area since it is rapidly approaching. We had hoped to have the back side of the barn finished by foal watch but it doesn't look like that is going to happen since we had to get back on the fencing. So after discussing it we came up with a plan to put two 12'x 16' temporary stalls in the back and move two of the pregnant mares back there. That would free up two stalls so we can make a double stall for the third pregnant mare. We have not yet decided about the last open stall. It will either be for ElDorado to have a double stall or the minis to have separate stalls. We are honestly leaning towards ElDorado since the minis seem to like sharing a stall.

In preparation of making the two stalls today we bought three - 4 foot X 8.5 foot panels off of FB Market place that has 2"x4" thick wire so that a baby or adult can not get a foot through, but it is very see thru. We think everyone will like it come foal watch time. We had already bought some wood for the back stalls a while back that we can use to divide the room and take them down later and use them once the back barn is finished. Hopefully we can get those two stalls put up soon and go ahead and move the mares so that they can get comfortable in their new stalls. We expect foals as early as the end of March and as late as mid May. We will have to get 2-4 more cameras to put back there and some more LED lighting as there is not any lights in that area right now.


It is currently 41 degrees here and it is going down to 29 degrees Fahrenheit as the night gets later. So needless to say we hope to get started early tonight. If you would like to get Treats(so some of the horses don't blow away), hugs(we know how much they like to hug) or bows( and how much some of them like to show off) please go ahead and do so now so that when we go live all of the orders will be in.

Since we didn't do the free treat code Tuesday please see below for tonight. Remember this was started so that those who can not afford to get their favorite horse a treat are able to. The coupon is limited so if it does not work it was probably used up. To apply 1$ off for a free Treat use the promo code "Jan26treats".

Thank you all for your love of the horses and all of the support you show us daily.


Heather & Tim


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