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Treats, Hugs & Bows with Tison

Hello everyone, Tison here and I hope you are having a great day.  It has been a very busy day here at SMR. The vet came today to see Tia’s hooves and to pregnancy check her, Ignacia and Isadora. The vet said that Tia’s right hoof had more rotation than the previous time but it wasn’t as bad as she expected. She also has a very slight rotation in her left front hoof. The vet recommended putting her on pads until her boots come in from Amazon. She also recommended using the boots and trimming her sole every 3 weeks to keep pressure off of the sole. Mom, Dad and the vet are keeping her on bute (an anti inflammatory) for another week and then switching her to equioxx (another anti inflammatory) for long term use. That is to lower the chances of her developing ulcers. She will also be taking gastric guard.  The vet told mom and dad that Tia was still pregnant and will be due the 2nd week of April next year. Yay 😀 I love babies. She said right now there was no need to terminate her pregnancy and she believes if we can get the pressure off her soles and get her some relief she will be okay to continue her pregnancy. She said that Magnawave would be very beneficial in her treatment and she thought the more treatments the greater the benefit. Tia will also continue taking the Regu-Mate to help her keep her baby throughout her pregnancy, but said it would be ok to give it to her every other day, so she doesn’t lose her appetite. The next 7 months will be a long seven months but mom and dad and all our TikTok friends are up to the challenge.  I also have other great news……wait for it….Isadora is pregnant!!!! She is due the first week of May next year. Yay!!!! Unfortunately, Ignacia is not pregnant.  That makes me sad but we have a chance to have two new babies running around by May 2023. I can’t wait! Mom and dad have been busy looking at options for getting the magnawave here as soon as they can, but they still have a ways to go.  They looked at used ones, but with the cost of used ones and then the specialized equipment to treat hooves, and the cost of certifications, not to mention the warranty, it makes more sense to purchase a new one.  If you want tickets for the Magnawave fundraiser for the month of September, you can get them at

Also, tonight is my favorite night!!! Treat night! I can’t wait to get treats and maybe some hugs or do a bow for you.  I am the best at hugs and bows.  The others are good too but I think that I am probably the very best.  If you want to give me or any of the others a free treat, please use treat code “Tison830” for your promo code.  Please only use it one time so everyone has a chance. The free treats are limited each week. You can get your treats at

Mom and dad said they will be going live around 7 pm for tonights treat drive. All of us horses and mom and dad hope to see you all then.  Love always,



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