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Treats with ElDorado

Hello all, ElDorado here. I just wanted to say hi to everyone and let you all know that I heard Perfecto talking about how he was better at bows than Tanka. Well he did do better but I am still learning and I know one day I am going to be better than both of them.  It has been really chaotic around here lately with the hay and the hay room addition, but Mom, Dad, Uncle David, Aunt Rose and Hope have done a great job getting us our hay for the winter and a place to keep it all dry.  I think it is just in time to, because the weather is turning cool and the leaves are changing color.  Ella said that is because it is fall, but I don’t know.  She thinks she knows everything because she is older than me but all i know is I haven’t been being bad during the treat drives and trying to kick or bite dad.  I don’t know why he calls her an angel because she sure don’t act like one. I have had to learn to be  without my mom and it has been hard but Perfecto told me I have to learn to be by myself if I am going to stay a stallion.  He said I could stay out with the girls if I was a gelding like Draco but when he told me how to become a gelding I was like no thank you.  He also said he never cried once for his mom, but I don’t know if that is true.  Anyway I do want to be a good stallion so I will do my best to behave.  Tonight mom and dad said we are having a treat drive. You can get treats, hugs or bows at for tonight. Dad said we also still have our merchandise sale going on where you can get 10% off any merchandise on our spring site or our website by using promo code smr2022 the link to our spring site is and the link to our website merchandise is

Mom and Dad said they are also having a Dirty

Giveaway Drawing on Sunday, October the 9th at 4 pm. You can get tickets at

We hope to see you all on tonights love starting at 7 pm.


ElDorado “The Best Stallion”


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