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Treats with Mia

Hello all Mia here. Well it has been a rough day at SMR. First mom and dad and us horses woke up to no power after a transformer malfunctioned. So for most of the morning and part of the afternoon we had no power. When it finally did get fixed and the power came back on the central air unit to the house did not. Dad has been busy trying to fix it, but he said it looks like the unit was fried by the power surge when the electricity went out. He laughed and said it was a good thing fall was getting here soon because we really don’t need to spend $3000 right now especially when we have hay to put up for the winter. Most likely, the people that do our hay will be cutting hay again next week. So him and mom said this is really bad timing. Him and mom are always thinking about us horses first and foremost. Tia seems to be better some days and worse others but she said she is keeping her spirits up and putting it in God’s hands. Dad and mom have been putting ice packs on Tia’s legs to help but they don’t last too long before they have to be refroze. Leah told them about some wraps you put in water and they get cold, so they are looking into it. We are all getting ready for the show and are leaving tomorrow. I am going with Sugar, Ignacia and Diosa. We can’t wait to get to Springfield and show off our stuff. It should be a lot of fun and I have been practicing a lot. Well we all have been practicing. Tonight is treat night and we are going to get started around 7:30 pm. The free treat code is FT816. If you want to get treats for me or any of the other horses, you can get them at There will also be a regular raffle this Sunday at 5 pm cst. You can get tickets at mom and dad will be raffling off 5 tumblers and some other merchandise. They are also going to try and go live each day from the show, so be sure and watch out for the live announcements. We are looking forward to the trip and we wish every horse could go but that would take a huge trailer. But Destiny, Dakota and Grandma Linda will be taking care of them while we are gone. We hope everyone has a blessed evening and we hope to see you on the live

Much Love,



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