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Treats with Sundance

Hello all, Sundance, your resident Barbie horse here. It has been an exciting week here so far. I got to meet my little brother ElDorado yesterday for the first time. He is an excited little guy…Wonder were he gets that from? I told him that he needs to calm down a little. He was zooming all over the pasture with our half sister Estrella or as dad calls her Ella Angel. I thought I was the angel of the bunch. Anyway, tonight we have treat night and I am so glad. I love my treats so much and I know the others do too. Tia still can have treats because she gets low start low sugar treats. I think that would cheer her up. She has been sad because her leg is hurting and she really likes going outside. Dad and mom let her go out today with my mom and little brother. I think it made Tia happy. She is doing better and her leg is not nearly as swollen, and we are sure she will be running soon. I hope so because I like getting to go outside with Tia. She is very wise and knows a lot of things that I have learned from her. She is one of the greatest horses I know and she is oh so sweet. The treat drive will start at 7 pm cst and you can get treats at

Remember, today is free treat night and if you want to give a treat, you can use promo code ft719 at checkout to send one treat to your favorite horse. Dad, Mom and Hope will be going to the horse show in Louisiana on Thursday and are taking Diosa, Ignacia, Mia and Sugar. I wish shows didn’t make me so nervous, because I know they are fun. One day I will get over my nervousness and get to go again. I do like trail riding though. Dad and Mom said they will be going live from the show and are working on something for a special live from the show on Thursday night. They are also having the raffle this Sunday evening 7/24 at 6 pm cst. It will be live from the show and they have some special merchandise. You can get tickets for the raffle here at

I think that special merchandise has to do with my little brother and my half sister. You know I have my own merchandise and you can get 10% off on it by using promo code summer2022 at checkout. Well its good on all merchandise but mine is special 😉. You can find my merchandise at or at I can’t wait until tonight to get some great treats and lots of hugs. See you all there for some great conversation and fun.