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Treats with Tia

Hello all, Tia here in the barn out of the rain. We have had a few storms today but it is nice and dry inside. All the horses are inside today and I am happy. That way I have more company than just that silly stallion Tatanka. Did you hear that he broke out of his stall the other night. I was laying down trying to sleep and he just all of a sudden broke through his door. Then he tried to breed poor Sundance who is in heat and he got stuck on the door. Sometimes I wonder about the younger generation of horses. Anyway, there were people saying that they heard a man’s voice and it was saying different things. But in actuality it was Gitana and Ella taking about how crazy Tatanka was breaking through that door. Well tonight is treat night and I am glad. I have been craving treats all night. You know I am expecting so I am always hungry. If you want to get treats, hugs or bows, you can at Mom and Dad said they are going to go live about 7:30 tonight. Us horses will be so glad to get treats and see you all. I also want to thank you all for the well wishes and prayers for me. I am feeling better but my legs still give me trouble. One day I hope to be riding again. Don’t forget today’s free treat code of Ft809. Please only one free treat per person so that everyone has a chance to give one of the horses a free treat. We love you all and we will see you tonight.



PS. I almost forgot, today Buttercup had a beautiful baby heifer calf. She doesn’t have a name yet but I am sure she will soon.


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