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Tuesday Update

Good Morning Babies from Smooth Moves Ranch. We just wanted to update everyone on the goings on at SMR. Currently, we are under an Ice Storm Warning. We got quite a bit overnight, but they say we are getting more this afternoon and evening. We are planning to have our Treats, Hugs and Bows anyway today. We have fuel for the heater and we miss seeing everyone on live. We will go live around 5 pm and maybe earlier today if possible. If you want to get treats, hugs or bows, you can get them at Today's free treat code is IceIceBaby and is good for a free treat to your favorite horse. These are good for the first 25 people. We have been working to put up the temporary foaling stalls in the old hay area and we have the stalls in place, but we are working to fix that area so water does not seep in under the foundation of the barn. We have quite a bit of work to do to finish that area. We hope to have it done by the weekend so we can get back on fencing. We want the mommies to be to be able to go out some before Foal Watch 2023 starts this year. We will also have cameras in the new area, so no one will miss a thing. We will be revamping the camera packages and the cameras that they covers. If you have not subscribed to our cameras, you can at The cameras are a great way to see all rhe horses and as soon as we have the front pasture fenced we will have pasture cameras back up and running. Also, on this page you can sponsor hay, feed or become a horse sponsor. All of those things benefit the horses, cows and goats and benefits the ranch. This Sunday, we will have our giveaway drawing and this one is a dirty drawing. We have a very special Tia tumbler that will be in the drawing, along with a lot of other items. If you would like to donate an item for the drawing, please contact us via the website. You can get tickets at from now until Sunday at noon cst. All proceeds from this weeks drawing will go to finish paying off the PEMF machine and some accessories for it. That machine has been a real blessing to the farm. It has helped Tia tremendously and has also helped a lot of our other babies. It also has helped many people as well and we know it will in the future as we move forward with SMR Wellness Center. This has been a wonderful journey for Heather and myself. We owe it all to our SMR family and want to thank you all so much. As most of you know Heather and I have been dabbling in an equine body work, known as the Masterson Method, much like Reiki. To further that work, I am now studying to become a Reiki Master with certifications in the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, the International Association of Therapists, the International Natural Healers Association and and the Complementary Therapists Accredited Association. I feel this will complement Heather and the PEMF therapy program and add another dimension to SMR Wellness. Once certified, the goal will be for Heather to become certified as well. Through Reiki, we hope to help many more animals and people. We hope to see you all on the live today. We will post this announcement on the blog and will be adding some pictures throughout the day. Many blessings and much love, Tim and Heather


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