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7/14 Treats with Draco

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Draco here and I just want to say Happy Thursday!!! I think this is my new favorite day!! Treat Day!!! Whooo hoooo how I love this day! I have been looking forward to it since Tuesday. I have been waiting patiently for the pears 🍐 to get ripe, but they aren’t quite ready yet. So I am really glad there are treats. Oh and by the way did you know my birthday is Saturday? Yep, I will be 11 years old. And I also share my birthday with mom’s dad, James and did you also know Mom and Dad will be married a year on my birthday. That makes me so happy because I know how much mom and dad love each other. We are going to start the treat drive tonight at 6:30 pm, so if you are going to get me, I mean the horses treats, please try to do it by then. You can get treats at Mom and dad are busy today with hay, and getting things together for the show. You know they will be in West Monroe, La for a Paso Fino show. Their friends Dakota and Dalton are staying here with us animals that don’t go. I am glad I get to stay here. Maybe the pears will be ready by then. I think dad said mom had a vet appointment to check on her back. I feel bad for her because I hate going to the vet. Dad was going to get his hair cut today while she was at the vet. I don’t mind having my hair cut a little but I think my hair looks great. This boot camp stuff is rough. Shelby is helping me get into shape for next years show season. I know I will do really good but I don’t think I should have to work too hard. I mean after all I don’t want to lose too much weight. Mia and the other mares think I look good just like I am and Perfecto said he wants to be like me. Dad and mom created foal watch 2022 merch at

You can get any merchandise right now for 10% off by using promo code “summer2022” there is also Foal Watch 2022 merch at

You can also use the promo code “summer2022” there as well. I heard dad and mom say as soon as they finish paying for the hay, that they are going to start back working on the riding arena. They said maybe it wouldn’t be as hot by the time they are ready. I know they are ready to get that done and start working on the therapy program for the ranch. They are working really hard to achieve that goal and start helping people. I am proud of my mom and dad and I know they are very thankful for all of you. The other horses and I really feel blessed for all the live cam subscriptions, sponsorships and encouragement from all of you. They help mom, dad and us out so much. If you are interested in live cams or sponsorships, you can find them here

I can’t wait to see you all tonight and I especially can’t wait for treats. Yum 🤤


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