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4/26 Update with Tison 🐴❤️

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Hey my friends! Tison is back, back in the barrrrrrrn! I’m so glad to be home and get to participate in the treat drives again. Me and my buddy Tatanka both got to come home yesterday from little Joe’s place. Mom called it boot camp but whew it was tough. I had so many kids riding me both bareback, with a saddle and I pulled people around in a cart. I feel like I’m just about a pro. I was starting to think I was never going home. Then dad showed up and got me and I saw Draco and Tanka and I just KNEW! I knew I was going back to SMR where I belong. I was so happy. When I got here I had a new smaller stall just my size. How cool is that?!? I’m so glad y’all didn’t forget me! Today I got to go out in the paddock with my buddy perfecto. I think he forgot I’m older than him. He was trying to run me around and act like he was tough stuff but I reminded him I might be small but I’m mighty. Not to mention I’ve been working out A LOT and I’m a lot stronger now than I used to be. Once he remembered though he chilled out and we had a good day. I’ve missed him.

Taylor came over today & helped in the barn while mom went to the eye doctor. She said that the eye doctor told her she has hit the age when she needs readers or Bifocals 🤓 and they gave her one contact where she can see up close and one where she can see far away. She said it is really weird but she is trying it out. The doctor said she would get used to it. Taylor rode Tatanka today while mom was gone. Taylor said he did soo good and he is reallly calm. I was hoping she wouldn’t try to ride me. Thankfully she didn’t ask.

Tomorrow morning mom and dad are taking Tia and Ignacia to the vet. If everything checks out good they are both going straight to Branstetter Farm where Tommy and Linda Branstetter lives. Apparently Ignacia misses Sugars dad Antajo and wants another baby by him and Tia was jealous of Sarena and wants a baby by Diamanté. We like babies around here.

Speaking of babies, Contessa is still the same and looks like she could go at any time, Gitana has been waxed over for two days now so she HAS to deliver soon and Sarena and Aries are doing great. Aries is already learning to lead with a halter and a lead rope. He will pick up all 4 feet too! He is a really smart little guy.

Well we will be giving away 35 free treats tonight on the treat drive. The code is ft426 to get your free treat. If that doesn’t work they have probably reached the limit. Mom said she would probably go live at 7 tonight since the doctor took so long. I can’t wait to see y’all all!


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Kathleen Woodyard
Kathleen Woodyard
Apr 27, 2022

Tonight was fun during the treat drive. As usual I just had to try and capture some moments! 😉

Aries First Treat

Sugar getting Sugar from Mama

Steven Tanka Tyler (Rock Star)

Mighty Tison

Ms Gitana in her Spring Flowers

I hope you enjoy! 💜


Such beautiful horses as always.


Cher Silvia
Cher Silvia
Apr 27, 2022

Beautiful pics 🥰🥰



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