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7/12 Updates with Gitana and Ella

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Hello everyone Gitana here…..Oh Mom don’t forget me, Angel. Yes, Ella I was going to mention you. please don’t interrupt. Sorry Mom.

As I was saying Gitana here. Ella and I wanted to give you an update on the things going on around the ranch. As you all know Shelby, Dottie and Dewey came over last Thursday for the treat drive. Mom I love treat nights and getting all the treats and attention from everyone. I know Ella me too. Then Saturday evening Shelby, Mrs Connie, her husband Mike, Her son Chris and grand daughter Jayla came over. They sponsor Isadora and really like her a lot. Oh I saw Mom riding Isadora Saturday night!! Yes she did. Mom knew that Mrs. Connie would love to see her ride Isadora so she rode Isadora and Shelby rode Draco. They both did good. Then after the raffle Sunday Jayla and Chris both rode Sugar. Sugar seems nice but I like perfecto the most. He sniffs noses with me under the stall. Well perfecto is your half brother so I’m glad you like him Ella. We have the same dad right mom? You sure do. Handsome Valdez. Perfecto is looking a lot like him and you look more and more like him every day yourself. I really look like him?? You sure do! Mom? Yes Ella? What time are we getting treats? Well, I heard that the treat drive was starting around 8:30PM Central Standard Time of course. Will people be able to get us a free treat if we are their favorite horse? Yes they will if they use the promo code FT712 they will get $1 off which will make their treat free. Well I’m know I’m dad’s favorite. Do you think he will give me a free treat? I am sure he will Ella. He usually does doesn’t he? Yes he sure does. I like him. Every time I hear him I holler at him and he will come pet me. Yes I know.

Mom, what was all of that noise that was on the other side of the wall today?  That was Mom, Dad and Hope unloading two trailers of Hay into the hay barn. Oh, did they finally get enough money to pay for all of the hay? No, not yet, but the nice man they get hay from is giving them a little longer to pay for it since it was 4 times as many bales as they were expecting this time. Did they get all the hay they need for the year for us mom? No they need about 1,200 more square bales and about 100-125 more round rolls  to get through till next year. That is a lot isn’t it mom? Yes Ella that is a lot. That is what the treat drives, sponsorships and hay sponsorships help pay for. That is really nice of everyone isn’t it mom? Very nice Ella. I know Mom and Dad appreciate it very much. They tell us all the time how much it means to them. Mom is it 8:30 yet? No Ella. You will know when it’s treat time when Mom and Dad come back outside with the phone. Please be patient Ella. Ok Mom. I’m gonna play until then and maybe take a nap ok Mom? Ok Ella.

I guess we will let you all go and see you tonight. Thank you again to everyone for helping Mom and Dad and for loving us horses so much.

Love you, Gitana AND ELLA!!!!  Yes, and Ella. ❤️



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