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Azúcar BF (mare)

Born: March 26, 2012

Azúcar, aka Sugar, is shown in both Pleasure and Performance Classes. She is very well gaited and is one of our sweetest mares. Hence her name, Azucar, which means Sugar in Spanish. Her sire is Antojo de La Z and her dam is Cedar Hill's Ignacia. Sugar has had one foal to date. Sugar was not started under saddle until the age of 6 and was only shown in one show before the covid epidemic of 2020. She had her first foal in 2021 and is now ready to resume showing. We expect Sugar to do very well in the coming years. Sugar is also slated for Equine Assisted Therapy Training because of her sweet disposition. Registered with PFHA 14.2 hands


Directa BF (mare)

Born: January 5, 2009

Directa, aka Queen Directa, has been extensively shown in both performance and pleasure classes in both adult and youth divisions. She has had a stellar show career and has had three foals to date. She is also currently a nurse mare for Iris, a quarter horse orphan foal. She is both Mia and Perfecto's birth mom. She has been trail ridden, and has been in a number of Holiday Parades. Her sire is Mercenario de La Vitrina and her dam is Resposeida del Conde. She has a very sweet disposition. Registered with PFHA 14.1 hands


Cedar Hills Ignacia (mare)

Born: April 2, 2005

Cedar Hills Ignacia, aka Iggi has been extensively shown in both performance and pleasure classes. She has also been trail ridden and has rode in a number of Holiday parades. She has had one foal, Azucar, to date. Her sire is Diplomatico de Isla and her dam is La Gazela de Plebeyo. Ignacia is very sweet and has a wonderful smooth ride. She would make an excellent horse for most riders. Registered with PFHA 14.1 hands


Danza del Sol Naciente (filly)  

Born: July 7, 2017

Danza del Sol Naciente, aka Sundance is a beautiful Palomino. She has been trail ridden and shown a few times, but did not really like the show arena. She is a very sweet horse that must trust her person. She needs a person who is willing to be patient with her when asked to perform new tasks. She requires an intermediate to advanced rider. She has been ridden through water and over obstacles. She is pleasure gaited and can move out quickly. Her sire is Valdez de la Milagrosa and her dam is La Contessa es Bonita. She has not had a foal to date. Registered with PFHA 14.2 hands


Mia BF (filly)

Born: April 28, 2019

Mia Bf, aka Mia or Wild Thing, is a beautiful buckskin filly. Mia has been both shown and trail ridden by both adults and youths. She really loves the trails. She goes through water and over obstacles. She is a very willing horse, who knows how to smile, give hugs and bow. She has been extensively ridden by a youth over the last year. Her sire is Valdez de la Milagrosa and her dam is Directa BF. Registered with PFHA. 14.2 hands


Tatanka (stallion)

Born: July 6, 2019

Tatanka, aka Tanka is doing very well under saddle. He is pleasure gaited, goes through water and over obstacles. He has been trail ridden and has a pleasing attitude. He knows how to bow, give hugs and smile. He is currently intact but will be gelded when the weather is cooler. He is out of PFHA registered stock. He is NOT REGISTERED, but it is possible to have him registered. We would consider selling him as a stallion, but if he has not sold by September 2023, he will be gelded. He is being ridden daily and price is subject to increase. 14.1 hands


ElDorado de SMR (colt)

Born: May 17, 2022

ElDorado de SMR is intact Paso Fino palomino colt. He is PFHA registered and color tested. He has a playful attitude, and a very good nature. He is halter trained, lunges, and is currently being worked on the ground. Although he was born a light palomino, he is darkening and we believe he will be a darker palomino, possibly a chocolate. ElDorado also knows how to give hugs, and bow.  We believe he will mature to around 14.3 hands. He is a full sibling to Danza del Sol Naciente. 

$8000 $6000

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