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Smooth Moves Ranch is a small family owned farm. We specialize in breeding, showing and training Paso Fino Horses. Smooth Moves Ranch has combined horsemanship experience of over 60 years. Smooth Moves Ranch strives to breed, train and show quality Paso Fino Horses with great conformation and gait. We also breed and raise Irish Dexter Cattle, Chickens and Tennessee Fainting Goats.

Our ultimate goal is to start our Equine Assisted


Therapy Program for people with disabilities. We are working towards this passion, because nothing compares to the therapy a horse can give a person.  We want to be able to offer any person the therapy they need, regardless of income or insurance and we believe no one should be denied needed therapy because of either. 

Please contact us with any questions you may have, and join us on our social media platforms.

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