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My sister and her boyfriend need help. Here is a link to their go fund me page.

For anyone who suffers from migraines. I have found something that helps immensely. I know a bunch of people these have worked for. You can find them on Amazon.

Tango Eliott
Beverly A

I wish we had some of that rain you're getting right now. It's 7:30 p.m. and still 102 degrees out here in western Oregon! It's the 3rd triple-digit day in a row, expecting another one tomorrow.

Susan Epler
Tango Eliott

OMG I couldn’t handle that. 90’s here today in Massachusetts. How do you do anything outside.


I have been trying to learn about horse colors but I am having trouble with many of the cameras and I cannot see all the stalls. I made this list. I need someone to correct my mistakes. I am using horses that have been rehomed or passed but I need to add Buck as I do not think I know if he is something else. All help is appreciated by people who know horses.

Also, can someone explain how you know what the final color of a horse will be at birth? I mean, two greys will always have grey baby? But how did you know Ella was sooty buckskin at birth?

Grey= Sugar^ Rosa^ Ignacia^ Tia° Moonshine 

Bay= Directa^  Perfecto Uno** Mira Infinito Dorado

Liver Chestnut= Contessa^^

Chestnut= Gitana^^ Isadora Sabado Biscotti°

Paulette Dyson
Paulette Dyson
7 days ago

With Ella, Eldorado, and I believe Perfecto they had all 3 color tested around the same time they did their DNA for registration. I want to say Buck is a chestnut, but not sure if he’s a liver chestnut or not.



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