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5/17 Updates with Sundance🐴

Hello Everyone Sundance here. Today was not my turn to write y’all but mom said I could skip ahead of everyone else since I have REALLY exciting news for everyone. My mom Contessa finally had her baby. It is a boy and his name is ElDorado de SMR. He is a beautiful Palomino Paso Fino Colt. He was born today 5/17 at 6:32am CST. Thank you to all of the nice people who called, texted and messaged to let my Mom & Dad know she was in labor. A HUGE thank you to Jerrica M. though who called and woke them up. They had just checked in on her at 6:00 AM and my horse moms water broke at 6:21 and she had ElDorado at 6:32. We are all so proud of her. How many people can say their mom is such a professional to have a baby in 11 minutes. She had my human mom and dad scrambling to get out to the barn in time. Hehehe I hope you enjoy all of the pictures of ElDorado that will be attached on here.

Mom and Dad said they will leave the live up until tomorrow so everyone that missed the birth will have a chance to see him before the live comes down. Can you believe that SMR has been live on TikTok with Foal watch since March 10th and we were live on 2 Kid watches before that?!? It’s bitter sweet to see the Tik Tok live go away. We have made so many close friends thru the years with Foal watches and TikTok and I know that me(Sundance), Mom, Dad and the rest of the babies are so thankful for each of you. I think I’m just a little emotional today because I have never had a baby brother before. Starting tomorrow sometime ElDorado (I just love saying his name) and my mom Contessa will only be on the Foaling/Stallion stall Cameras on the SMR website and TikTok videos. (Dad said he will get Tatanka up on there as soon as possible!)

There is a chat function on our website that is accessible by everyone. It is Free and you do not have to be a paid subscriber to chat on there with your SMR family. We know not everyone can afford to subscribe to the cameras and Mom and Dad are working on a solution to that. Just bear with them as they have a LOT going on that not everyone knows about and they have deadlines to get stuff finished for those things.

One thing they need to work on is getting ready for the Germantown Charity Horse show in Germantown, TN. That is June 6-11th or the first week in June. Paso Finos are one of the rarer breeds that will be show cased at this yearly show. It is not cheap to enter the show but all of it goes to a different charity each year. If you would like to donate to help with the cost or help sponsor a class that would be great! Dad is going to put an option on the donation button on our website. Entry fees range from $40(regular class), $165 (championship class) and stalls cost $150 per week/per stall(We have 7 stalls Reserved), Plus Hotel cost for a week. 😳 Gotta remember it helps Charity.

Unfortunately nothing has changed about the barn building since last Thursday. We are waiting on it to dry up so we can get in there to start again as well as trying to save up to rent a tele handler.

Tonight is the treat drive. The treats per horse have been limited so if you are having trouble checking out that is probably why. The free treat code is ft517 to get $1 off off. The limit on that coupon is for 35 people. This coupon enables everyone that can not afford a treat for their favorite horse the opportunity to get one. Just choose your favorite horse and when you check out put ft517 under promo code so it will be free.

We will see you all around 8 pm CST. I can’t wait for y’all to see my little brother ElDorado tonight as well as my half sister Ella.

Love Everyone, Sundance (aka Barbie Girl)

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Perfecto - Monica P

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Diosa - Ashley L

Sundance - Shelly B

Contessa - Tarra H

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Directa -


Isadora - Connie D

Sugar - Carol E

Draco -

Mia - Jessica S

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Tia - Daria D


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8 commentaires

SherriLee Slade
SherriLee Slade
19 mai 2022

Sending love to the newest Eldorado grandson. From us down here in Florida.


Thanks sundance He is a Adorable little fella 🫶🏻🌺


Courtney Turner
Courtney Turner
18 mai 2022

Aww Sundance you have a very cute lil brother I hope you get to show him the ropes one day 💙 Well Done Contessa you did a great job x


En réponse à

Thank you for the invite in wanted to share the pictures hes a handsome little man


Fran Davis
Fran Davis
17 mai 2022

What a great day she’s a beautiful momma .Beautiful baby Congratulations!!!

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