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8/4/22 Update with Contessa and ElDorado

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Hello friends, This is Contessa and ElDorado bringing you the Ranch update today. Tonight is treat night. My favorite days of the week for obvious reasons. Treats and hugs of course. I love treats too mom but you always end up helping me eat my treats. That’s why I like the hugs and bows because they always make sure I get the treat. Well ElDorado I need them more than you do because I am the one who has to feed YOU. I KNOW MOM but I’m becoming a big boy now and dad gives me my own food to eat. I just can’t chew as fast as you. I still like getting milk from you sometimes though. Is that still ok mom? Yes it is ElDorado. Of course, I love you.   Mom did you see how good I’m doing at being a big boy and wearing my halter and letting my human mom take me for walks?  I sure did! I was so proud of you except when you got out of my site in the back barn. That scared me a little bit but you came back and you made everyone so proud. Thanks mom! I’m trying really hard. Do you think if I’m really good my other mom will give me extra hugs and treats? I bet she will ElDorado. They seem to really like you a lot.

I need to tell everyone something important son so let me talk for a bit. Yes Ma’am! I wanted to tell everyone about the Raffle this Sunday. Dad said I needed to tell y’all that it was gonna be a dirty raffle. He said there are going to be a lot of tumblers that people can choose from. Mom why is it called a dirty raffle? Why would people want dirty stuff?  It is called a dirty raffle because people pick the items they want but other can steal the chosen items from them if it is the same item they want. That sounds mean Mom. Why would they steal stuff from another person? Well that is part of the game. It’s all in fun. Once an item has been stolen twice or held 3 times I can not be stolen anymore. So it is a game then?? Well yes kinda. It’s still a raffle and whoever’s ticket is drawn gets to pick the next item. Everyone says they like it better than the regular raffles do Mom and Dad decided to do it this way every other raffle. Mom, what time is the treat drive today? I really need a hug. Do you know why? Why ElDorado? I love getting scratches and I usually get them with hugs. Come here ElDorado and I will scratch you until the treat drive. Hopefully someone will get you some hugs. It will not be too much longer. Dad said since the kids started back to school they need to get an earlier start so they get finished earlier. What time will they start mom? They said hopefully around 7pm our time which is Central time. How do people get the treats? People can get treats, hugs and bows on the website at as well as lots of different SMR merchandise. OH I’m sooo very excited! I can’t wait until 7:00!! Hahaha I know you are ElDorado. Tell everyone bye and that we will see them soon soon. Bye everyone see you soon! PLEASE don’t forget how much I love scratches and treats!

❤️ Contessa and ElDorado


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