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Announcing SMR Groups & Chat

Tim and I added groups and chat to the SmoothMovesRanch website. People have been asking where they can send their screenshots. Well we now have groups where people can post their screenshots, so that we can see them as well as others. We also added a chat function to the website as well. It is the same chat we had before but it is upgraded so everyone should not have to log in each time they get on the chat. Once you sign up for the chat It is supposed to keep your name on it. There might be issues we have to work through so please be patient until we get everything worked out. Both of these should work on both the app and online. NOTE: On our phones if you go to the website (not the app) and select the camera you want to watch. Make it full screen, click picture in a picture and THEN bring up the SPACES APP and go to the group chat you will be able to both chat and see the horses at the same time. We hope you enjoyed having a break from the chat on TikTok but we are happy to have everyone back and we are so thankful for each of you!


Tim and Heather ❤️

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