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PFHA Grand National Show Ocala Fl

Pictures Below

I figured I would put the information as a blog post so I can edit it as needed. PFHA sent out an email with instructions so I will include their instructions here which are probably more detailed than mine in case you have trouble doing it the way I said. Make sure to check your spam folder if you do not get the verification email.

If anyone is interested in watching the Paso Fino grand national championships show we are at you can click on this link

And click on the middle option that says

I am new to USEF and want to access LIVE content on

USEF Network powered by ClipMyHorse.t v (free)

And create a new account by following the instructions below.

How to watch GNS on Live-Stream:

Please read the instructions fully and carefully

  1. Google "USEF fan account" and go to the link where you can create a fan account.

  2. Enter your name, birthdate, email, and create a password,

  3. You will be prompted to verify your Email. You MUST do that before going to the "clipmyhorse" site to view the live stream.

  4. Once you verify your email, make sure you are logged in on USEF on your new FAN ACCOUNT. Go to the USEFNetwork Link on the USEF page and it should have a red link to go to clipmyhorse or "connect your account".

  5. Once you navigate to clipmyhorse, it should prompt you to create a password. Do it.

  6. Login to clipmyhorse using your email that is connected to your USEF fan account and the new password you just created.

  7. Navigate to the PFHA Nationals live stream, and you should be good to go!

Note: It will NOT allow you to log in to two devices under the same account. So, it is pointless to share your account info with a friend as it will lock you out of the Live Stream! If they wish to watch the livestream, feel free to send them this email and have them follow these simple steps!


To access the preliminary results, simply click on the button below:

This is your chance to see how your favorite horses and riders are performing at this prestigious event. Get a sneak peek into the standings, and start rooting for your favorites as we approach the final showdown!


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