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Valentine’s Treats, Hugs and Bows

Happy Valentines Day to everyone from all of us here at Smooth Moves Ranch. We hope you are having a wonderful day. Today's live for treats, hugs and bows will start at 6 pm. If you want to give your favorite Valentine horse a treat, hug or bow, you can get them at Tonight with every hug or bow your favorite horse will also get a Valentine Kiss. Don't forget to get your limited edition Tia tumbler, while supplies last at They are going fast and once they are gone, they are gone. We have been hard at work on getting all the posts for the fence jn place and in concrete. It has been a lot of work but we are getting close to finishing the front pasture. If you would like to donate for fencing, you can donate at or you can purchase fencing or posts directly from our TSC Wishlist at also went this past week to do a PEMF session on a very nice ranch horse stallion named Smokey. A quick reminder, we have our giveaway drawing coming up this Sunday at 3 pm cst. We will have tumblers and other merchandise to give away this week. You can get tickets at Tonights free treat code is Love and is good for the first 25 people to give your favorite horse a treat. We hope to see you all on the live. Good vibes and blessings, Tim and Heather.


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