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Moonshine is going nuts banging his pails. It is very windy and the tarp is blowing. He might be having anxiety! I am not sure.

Hey, can you guys help me make a list?

I got so far, still working on it, a stall list but I cannot see all clearly.

So far I have Moonshine Stall 12, Directa stall 13, Honey stall 14, Diosa stall 15, Ella stall 16, Mira stall 17. Dolly Hall 4, Draco stall 1 (?), Contessa stall 9, Isadora stall 10, Rosa stall 5, Uno Stall 4, Perfecto stall 6, Sabado stall 7, Eldorado stall 8. Oh Feral George pasture with cows and donkeys. Can someone tell me if my old eyes got any right? Thanks to Ms Hazey for showing me Moonshine, my son.

Tango Eliott
Tango Eliott
20. März

I guess not!

Gefällt mir


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