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Update on Sebastian. We are still at the vets office.

Sebastian is stable. The vet said she doesn't see any broken bones but sees what looks to be bruising of the lungs or it could be pulmonary edema which could be caused from head trauma. Either could have happened when he got shut in the door. She said both usually clears up after 24-48 hours with oxygen therapy. She said his oxygen levels were at 83% without oxygen but went up to 96% with oxygen. She recommends him stay and be on oxygen therapy for 48 hours. The estimate for the 48 hours of oxygen therapy is $3,724. We are trying to see if we can get care credit otherwise we will just have to take him home and wish for the best. We are so devastated at this point and are just crushed. I'm sorry we are the bearers of bad news again (well it's good news because he IS alive and stable) Please keep praying that God will completely heal him and that we can figure out a way to finance this and bring our little man home. Sooner rather than later.

Love hugs and good healing vibes

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