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I need some help with this list. Please forgive my mistakes but I would love to be corrected so I can make a cheat sheet for myself. (includes horses no longer there for reference)

Grey color - Sugar, Rosa, Ignacia, (Mom, Daughter, Grandma), Tia, Moonshine

Bay color- Directa , Perfecto (Mom, Son), Uno, Mira

Chestnut-Contessa (liver) Gitana, Isadora, Sabado (Mom & Son)

Black color- Draco, Diosa

Palomino- Sundance, Eldorado (brother and sis but mom is chestnut), Honey

Buckskin-Tanka, Mia, Ella(?)

Pinto Color-Tison

Paint Color- Dolly

I am grateful for any help.

Note: Bold represents horses still at SMR = 18 horses of which Eldorado, Honey, Mia, and Gitana are currently boarding. Please correct all my mistakes.

Susan Epler


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