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Tango had extensive tests yesterday. We were at Neurologist's office for 6 hours.

Luckily he does not have cancer but he did have a mini, slight brain stem stroke. His BP is very high. He is on BP meds now.

He has vertigo but should recover from that.

He might have Cushings disease for which there are treatment even

though he tested negative today, that is common. One of his adrenal glands was slightly elevated. He has to go back in 2 weeks for 3 blood works, one every 4 hours. Once they determine if he has Cushings they will treat for that.

He refused food Tues and Wed and this morning refused to eat but I put food in my hand and it took it. So I put his medication in several tiny meatballs and he ate it. He is on BP meds and antibiotics. He is also taking Meclizine for motion sickness. His walk no longer has his feet sliding away from him although still stepping gingerly. Able to get out doggie door.

Please continue to send positive vibes for this boy.

Debbie Moretti
Yvonne Marquez

Sending prayers



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