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Tim and I are currently on the way back home. We have had a good trip thus far. We went on a lovely trail ride this morning on very beautiful land. I rode sweet Sugar and Tim rode Gitana. All four horses did wonderful on the trail ride going up and down huge hills and crossing streams and logs. The weather was very windy & cold(in the 30s) but sunny and beautiful.

Now for the bad news, Mia and Gitana will be coming back to SMR for now until they find another home. Gitana did very well but she is out of shape and the terrain there was a little much for her in her present condition. Mia also did well on the trails but is a bit more energetic than he was looking for. However he really liked Sugar and Tatanka. They have a beautiful new home and will be very well taken care of. Their new owner has agreed to send us updates periodically and we will of course update you all as we get them.

I am not sure exactly when we will be home because it is 8-9.5 depending on how many stops we take.

Thank you all for your prayers and good thoughts.

Heather and Tim

Ms.Lisa Garlie


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