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I am asking for prayers again. Same issue my landlord bullying me. He barred my son from the property for reason. He keeps insisting that my son is living here and not on the lease and that is not true. I told him several weeks ago that my son comes by daily to check on me as, I am disabled. My son also was cleaning for me because it's a struggle for me to do just about anything. I have had two back surgeries and arthritis set in in my spine. I also have a ruptured disc at the base of my spine so with that and two bad knee joints I am in constant pain 24/7. I need prayer that the lord will direct me to another place to live soon as I put in my 30 day notice to move and that ends on 6/30. Also since my son can't help me move I'm needing help with that. I'm not sure what God has for me but let his will be done. Amen. Thank you.

Gillian Mobley


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