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SMR Prayer Group

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Welcome to the group! You can request prayers, share spiritual inspiration and hopefully through prayer feel the love of God. Please connect with other members, pray for each other, please give updates for your prayer request if you are able to. Also last but definitely not least please give praise reports. Lets praise God for all He does and answers. It would be so lovely to not only read what we need prayer for but it strengthens us to see what all God HAS BROUGHT US THROUGH! We love each and every one of you and pray that God blesses and touches your lives more each day!

Sandie Swindall Hale
Tina Treish
Susan Bouchard
25. Okt. 2023

Blessing all thank you for including me 💖 sharing a praise report my BIL has downs syndrome and he gets up and wanders around the house at nite, last week he fell on one of his nightly excursions and bruised his face really bad, Mom too him to the Dr. And turns out he fractured his neck, had to have surgery or be paralyzed. Surgery went great, he is home and on the mend! Thank you Sweet Jesus 💖

Gefällt mir

I am needing some prayers for my brother he has throat cancer and he is having surgery on Monday, Thank you 😊

Cher Silvia
Gillian Mobley
Yvonne Marquez
Pat Mitchell
Gillian Mobley
Gillian Mobley
3 days ago

Sending prayers

Gefällt mir

What horses are next to leave same? Which six are you not selling?

Christina Baker
Heather Martin
Heather Martin
14. Juli

Hello we are trying to downsize but at the same time we're trying to get horses that we can show & win and that are breedable to produce babies that will win in the show ring as well as sellable and wanted foals to make money to help support the farm. It is not easy, but we can only keep so many at a time. We are trying to slowly get down to that number we need to be at And we are very carefully assessing the horses we have to see if they fit in with what we need to reach our goals. We have not FIRM decisions on several and we are still assessing them. That information is not something we have been sharing because many people put their hearts and feelings into it and try to sway our decisions that are hard enough to make as it is. We are trying desperately not to let our feelings and emotions sway our decisions and it’s so much harder when you have hundreds of people trying to change our minds or put doubts in our heads as to our goals and path. As much as we love each and every horse we have or have had, it is not practical nor is it physically and financially sustainable to keep them all. I hope this helps you understand better. Have a blessed day.

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So I went to the dr yesterday both babies heartbeat sound amazing but I was out on leave because I could go into preterm labor and the dr wants me closer to home and my carrier couldn't accommodate to the dr orders so they went ahead and put me on leave



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Welcome to the group! You can request prayers, and share spi...


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