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I need prayers right now. I got two weeks left in my mom's house and then I move out but I'm gonna need prayers for December and for the next 7 months as I file for bankruptcy and I begin the next chapters of my life of healing and moving on from this abusive relationship that I've finally moved on from. I need prayers for the holidays bc my family is going through a hard time as my mom and my aunt and my grandmother are just having a tough time right now. I usually love the holidays but this year I'm not loving them. I can't get on tik tok to enjoy the horses bc I got in trouble with what I was posting and my stepmom caught me back in august and so I had to delete it. Now I miss it a lot. So just pray for me right now and the next couple of months that I stay strong and I make it through this tough time. Thanks and god bless.

Jessika Slane


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