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Update on my knee we haven't got it checked yet my knee is moving its been moving for a couple of days now I can't straight my leg out all the way through I have a feeling I know what it is though it's either tendinitis or a little bit of inflammation I been doing everything I can to make it stop its calmed down a little bit been giving it compression rest ice water and elevation just hope that's it then I can just continue doing home remedies my medical card did get approved when I was at my moms my dad said we're still going to get it checked out I hope that's all it is the summer is almost over school starts this Thursday hope I don't have trouble getting on the bus I usually ride the bus to school I'm taking classes for work to find out what job I really like oh and nothing hurts when I walk no pain or anything just a little inflammation which it should wear off if it is tendinitis that should wear off too


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