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SMR Prayer Group

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“Dear Lord, you know what the situation is. I ask that you would touch TIA and begin to heal her.

I ask that each day she would become stronger. Lord I am asking that you would strengthen every muscle, tissue and cell in her body.

Lord, begin to alleviate the swelling, pain and inflamation. This horse was created by you, Lord. You know how much we love her. But I know that you love her even more. This is your horse Lord.  

Please heal her.  Strengthen her.  Touch her in every way.  Let her feel surrounded by your comfort, peace and love.

Regardless of the outcome I put my trust in your hands. I put the results in your hands. I put our SMR horse and her unborn foal in your hands.” I also ask that you keep Heather, Tim, and the SMR family in your loving arms providing comfort.

I ask this in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.



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