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Hey Y'all, thank you all so much for praying and thinking of me.. I love my whole smr family, today I walked with out the walker, they took out the chest tubes, and my blood sugar has been really high but they have been keeping it controlled. I haven't had my phone a lot still I just feel exhausted, we will keep y'all posted and updates ❤️ god is good and again think u for all the prayers.. they are gonna have me take a shower in a little while. And I just need to get up my appetite again... love Yalll❤️‍🩹

Ms.Lisa Garlie
Grandpa Rick
Robyn Crawford
Claire Meissner
Dec 15, 2023

Wow Jerica you are one strong girl. Heal quickly. You have that girl Tia waiting for you….keep up the amazing work💕



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