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I need some prayers this week. I have to have some ultrasounds some of my liver to see how much damage was done that they put me on for my lung disease and then at the end of the week they will be doing a 4 hour digestive test on me to see why I can’t keep food down And taking nausea medicine so much and I have to go to the dentist this week and it makes me nervous going to the dentist and I know I will panic and just be scared. So just keep me in your prayers this week.

Sandie Swindall Hale
Sarah Simonds
Yvonne Escobar
Beverly A
Jun 15, 2022

Update my teeth have started gum disease and some bone density has started to decrease. Unfortunately it’s gonna be a lot of money to fix this but lucky for me my sister will be able to fix it and get my mouth back in shape. It’s a lot of inflammation and I need a deep cleaning and I have one cavity. So my sister will fix me up. But the next two days and next week are gonna be where I need prayers to make sure I don’t throw up and have low blood sugar numbers bc I can’t eat and I have to be really still on Friday for four hours and I have adhd and autism so idk if I am gonna be able to be still for that long.



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