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Hello to everyone, I usually don’t do this but I’m in need of prayers and strength. A couple months ago I fell on the bed of our tow truck trying to load an Amazon van up in the rain and I must’ve got in some oil or something but I got up on the bed and as soon as I started to walk I fell back on my head first. I blacked out and was in major pain for a hours. I’m so thankful my mom was there and driving the truck, that day my life could’ve ended badly. My Mom watched it all happened and she broke down and was shaken up.Mom had to rush me to the hospital! I have a concussion, my head and neck muscles and tendons were really sore from how I fell.

So This Sunday 6/19/22 I started to get this really bad headache feeling so I took some ibuprofen for it. It worked alittle bit, I ended up taking a nap to see if that help. But it didn’t it got worse. Monday 6/20/22 comes around my head still hurting but not bad. I was like what’s going on? As the day goes on I feel bad for a little bit but I was feeling tired so I let it go. Well Tuesday 6/21/22 mornin coming I feel like extremely tired and with a huge migraine and my neck was hurting really bad. So I hurried up and called mom on the other side of the house and said I need to get to the hospital now. It felt like I was going to die. I get to hospital yesterday and found out that I’m still having concussion symptoms and that I’m gonna have this headache for a while now.

My birthday is this Friday 6/24/22 and I’m hoping I can go do something! I’ll be 25🎂🌻❤️🎉

My TikTok name is briannaqueen624

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