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My grandmother has liver cancer and has a week to a month to live and is now going into hospice care she is taking a turn for the worst and now can eat cause she can't swallow I went to the hospital Friday and said my final goodbye and she doesn't look good at all my grandpa doesn't think she's gonna make it to hospice we both know she doesn't have long till she goes monday my aunt and my grandpa is going to the funeral home. I go back to school Wednesday and i'm preparing for my grandpa to call saying she passed I'm just hoping it's not when i'm at school cause i'm already a mess seeing how bad she is I don't like asking people for support or help but I don't know what else to do you guys are my extended family so I turned to you guys not asking anyone to feel bad or support me i'm only doing this so you guys are aware if i stop being active or not on the lives as much I'm completely lost without words of how I feel I'm just trying to stay strong I already went funeral shopping with my aunt and found a dress and shoes and it made it feel so much harder cause I see that dress every time I go get ready. I'm sorry this is really long but I needed to get this stuff off my chest my mental health is everywhere right now and telling you guys this somewhat helps getting it off my chest Love you guys so much I'll keep you update as much as I can

Yvonne Escobar
Lisa Ann
Heather Martin
Heather Martin
Aug 27, 2022

Dear Heavenly Father please be with Ava during this time and give her peace. Please be with her Grandmother. Father please touch her body and bring healing to her and if you do want her to sleep in your sweet rest let her go peacefully and without pain. If it is in your great all knowing plan Lord please heal Ava’s Grandmother.



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