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Hungarian guylas (goulash )

This recipe has never been reduced from my grandmother original . I do cheat in that I use my 10 quart crockpot whereas she cooked over her wood fired stove .


3pounds of beef stew meat

1 medium onion

4 medium potato's

3 carrots

3 parsnips

4 cloves of garlic

2 large bell peppers ( any color )

1 tbl ground caraway seeds

4 bay leaves

2 -6 oz cans tomato paste

I 32 oz container beef broth

Authentic Hungarian paprika - either hot or sweet . This is important in that most paprika sold is a tasteless red powder .

Prep : peel and cut up carrots , parsnips potato's and bell peppers into about 1/2 inch pieces . In a skillet lard is preferred to capture authentic flavors add your garlic , onions chopped fine and sauté. Once onions and garlic become translucent . Add your stew meat . Stew meat needs to be cut in about 1 inch pieces as well . Lightly allow the stew meat to absorb the flavors of the garlic and onions . Browning the stew meat will occur when cooking so it's not necessary for it to brown while absorbing the onions and garlic .

Cooking your Hungarian guylas

Either in a large crockpot or kettle depending on your preference . Add your stew meat along with the garlic and onions. Next add your carrots , potato's , parsnips and bell peppers . I found it's easier to mix together each item in with the meat as I ad them . Pour in your beef broth . Stir well the add your tomato paste. Again stir well . Now add the bay leaves and ground caraway seeds again mix it throughout the contents . Now it's time for your paprika. Either sweet or hot it's up to you . I can not stress the difference getting authentic Hungarian paprika . Many paprikas have no flavor . This you will add to your taste . It will take about 3 heaping tbls before you even notice it . Turn your crock pot on high after mixing throughly then cover . I usually let it alone the 1st hour then I mix every thing . I flavor taste the broth and in my own preference add a lot more paprika . Starting out light on the paprika . Allows you to bring the flavor up to you instead of guessing and possibly over adding at the start . I then cover and leave it again for about another hour . Again I stir the guylas and taste the broth . Add more paprika if you feel it needs more . Here I turn the crockpot down to low . It can go easily 2 more hours . By now your entire house will smell like Hungarian guylas ... after 2hours on low . I check it again . Stir well favor check again . Give it about 1 more hour on low and it will be done . Whe you notice them . Remember to pick out the bay leaves . They did their job by adding flavor to the guylas . You don't want to eat them . You don't need to hunt for the bay leaves . When spooning out a bowl to eat . If you see one just pick it out .

Another thing that goes well with the guylas is a hearty bread like a sourdough or rye . My family always associated guylas means you have a nice wine with your meal . A Cabernet Sauvignon is a excellent wine with guylas .

If any one decides to try this I hope you enjoy your guylas . I am now 74 and have been enjoying this since I was a child .

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