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8/25 Updates from Directa🐴🧁

Hello everyone Directa here, I hope everyone is having a good day. I know I sure am. I got to stay outside all night and then mom and dad let us back in this morning to eat and then we got to go right back outside! I ran out because I thought maybe they forgot that we had just come inside. They didn’t though and we got to stay outside all day! It was such a beautiful day too.

Mom told me that she was trying to get a Magnawave machine and she is hoping that it might help me and Contessa with our ligaments. Mom said she was not sure if it would make me better but she said it would definitely help with any pain and possibly some healing. We can always hope it will make me get totally better though. That’s what I’m hoping anyway. Mom said  they have started a fundraiser to buy the machine. She said there will be a drawing every day in September for a prize.  I asked her if it was really gonna be EVERY single day.  She said yes, every day for 30 whole days starting on September 1st. I think that sounds really fun! Mom said so far $1,100 has been raised of the $13,290.  That means that there are only 6 more days to get in on all of the drawings. Mom said she can’t order the machine until more funds are raised and that it takes a little while for it to come in.  I can’t wait for her to try it on us.

Mom said she also wants to try it on herself and some people she knows that have really scary medical problems. She said she read that there are currently studies going on to see if low level PEMF( Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields) can help cancer patients. It shows that PEMF therapy is safe and promising compared to other available cancer therapies.  Mom’s step dad just passed away due to cancer and this is something that is close to moms heart. Mom said she knows quite a few people that are struggling with cancer as well as other medical issues that could really benefit from this therapy. She seems to be chomping at the bit to get started learning everything she needs to know. I know what it feels like to chomp on a bit. She said she really wants to help Tia the most. Tia is our Role model. We miss her in the pasture. Ever since she has been gone my daughter Mia’s best friend Draco thinks he is in charge of all of us horses. He does sometimes get us pears. He did that before Tia left though. He is the tallest horse here at SMR and he just jumps up and shakes the whole tree! Pears just fall to the ground and we all get to eat them. I think he is the reason why Mia rears up so much. She sees him do it and thinks it’s normal behavior. It’s not though. I try to tell her that but kids never want to listen to their parents.

 Well I guess I better get off here mom said the treat drive will start soon and I really want to get in a little more sunning by the hay before I have to come inside. We usually do not get to go back out on nights we have treat drives. Hopefully I get some hugs and get to play hide the treat (between my front legs) tonight. Mom and dad call it a bow but us horses call it hide the treat. They have been trying to teach us all how to do it. I think I’m starting to get it. They get really excited when we find the treat though. That makes us happy when they are happy. I know they like for us to be happy too. So thank you to all of you who get us treats on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  You each mean a lot to us horses and the SMR family. Love, Directa