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Barn Construction

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

As many of you know, we are expanding our barn to make room for more stalls and an indoor riding area for the Equine Assisted Therapy Program we are starting. Do to the current pandemic and prices our work has been slowed but we are making progress. We have almost got the stall area about half done and hope to start on the riding area soon. I will do video updates here as much as possible.

Thank you for all your support,



February 24, 2022

We have now completed the stalls in the back section and are now working on the riding area. This will be the toughest area to do because of the sheer height of the project. The top ridge of this addition will be about 22 feet off the ground. The lowest part of the roof will be about 12 feet off the ground. About two weeks ago I had a mishap and fell off of this part. Luckily no broken bones just a torn bicep. Unfortunately, today we had another mishap. If you were on the goat watch live your probably heard it. The trusses we had in place, have been taking a beating by the high winds and we only partially up with temporary bracing. Well today the trusses collapsed on top of our tractor as I was working to put a support post in place. No one was hurt but the trusses were completely destroyed. We are exploring the option of installing steel trusses. This is an expense we did not expect and they run approximately $500 per truss. In all this is a $5000 added expense. So we are currently on hold for the riding area. We hate the delay but until we raise the additional money there is nothing we can do. We know that this is meant to be and this is just a minor setback and we will get through it. Thank you all and have a blessed day.

Tim and Heather


October 24, 2021

We have almost completely finished the roof on the new stalls and have now started building stalls. We have a good start on Sugar, Directa and Ignacia’s stalls and thanks to a generous donation by Ms. Connie D we have ordered the boards to complete a stall for Contessa and Gitana. Also, thanks to several others who have donated boards through our website we also ordered boards to complete the backs of 3 more stalls. Thank you all so much and soon we will be putting trusses on the riding area.


Tim and Heather


October 1, 2021

We now have all the purlins in place and are ready to finish installing the metal roofing. Hopefully the weather will hold out this weekend.


Tim and Heather

September 23, 2021

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