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Good Morning Babies

I just wanted to send out an announcement about everything going on today. Heather is gone to take the older kids to school for testing this morning. I am here with Emma, Noah and Elizabeth doing chores here and getting the flatbed trailer ready. Heather and I have an opportunity to get 200 treated fence post today for $5 a post. That is less than half what they normally cost at most farm supply places even buying in bulk. The drawback is we have to go get them today. So even though we have not got the fence fund up to get that many posts we are going to dip into what little savings we have and go get them. So tonights live will start as soon as we return with all the posts. We have to drive about an hour and half one way but even with gas the savings is too big to pass up. If you want to get treats hugs or bows for tonights treat drive it will be greatly appreciated. I will send out an announcement before we go live with the free treat code for tonight, in order to give everyone a chance for a free treat. This will give those in other time zones a chance as well. You can get treats at Also, please don't forget we have our dirty raffle giveaway this Sunday. You can get tickets at from now until Sunday at 2 pm cst. I hope everyone has a great day and blessings from Heather and I.



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