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Happy Birthday Perfecto 11/9

Hello all... we would like to wish Perfecto a Happy 2nd Birthday!!! He is getting so big!! Tonight we will go live at around 6:30 pm to celebrate his birthday and have our treat drive. In honor of his birthday, tonight the free treat code is HBPerfecto if you would like to give one to him or your other favorite horse. These are limited to one per person and the first 40 people. If you would like to get treats, hugs or bows you can get them at Also, don't forget our giveaway drawing on Sunday at 3 pm cst. If you would like tickets you can get them until 2 pm cst on Sunday at we will have some awesome tumblers and other great prizes. We also have a 10% off sale on our merchandise sites. Use the promo code "Earlybird" for 10% off merchandise at our site on teespring at or on our website at We hope to see you all on the live tonight and don't forget go to our online groups at there you can request prayers in our prayer group or just chat with your SMR friends in the friends group. Have a wonderful evening and we will see you on the live. Much love and many blessings.

Tim and Heather