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Horse talk and treats 11/11

Tonight we will have our treat drive starting at 7:30 pm.  You can get your treats at We have had a lot going on at the farm today. We have been cleaning up and putting fence posts in the ground to start running fence this weekend if the weather cooperates. We are trying to get the both the front and back pastures fenced by Thanksgiving. Don't forget we have our giveaway drawing on Sunday at 3:00 pm cst. We will have tumblers and some new merchandise as well.  You can get your tickets at  You can get tickets from now until Sunday at 2:00pm cst. Tonights live goal for the fence fund is the November Bear 🐻. We hope everyone is having a great day.  We are running behind with the birthday shoutouts and with everything going on we are going to start doing shoutouts on a weekly video featuring all the horses.  We hope to see you all on the live.  Blessings Tim and Heather