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Hello everyone we need prayers now more than ever. We missed a call from the vet this evening. She said that throughout the day Sebastian's respiration rate has been between 50-80 breaths per minute every time they try to take him off the oxygen. They said that as of right now our bill is at about 3,300 and by morning the bill will be over there high estimate which was 3,700. She said that they are going to try to wean him off tonight and just see how he handles his respiratory rate being that high. In all honesty I wish we could go get him now because 3,300 is really too high for us but we feel they need to be the ones to wean him in case something happens. Either way we will HAVE to go get him in the morning no matter what because we only have so much credit on our care credit card. So please please please say prayers that he handles coming off the oxygen even with an elevated rate. I don't really know what else to do. If funds were unlimited I would leave him there as long as needed but unfortunately they are not. In fact because of so many circumstances lately they are quite tight. Many don't realize but the last 6 months we have had an astronomical amount of vet bills. Between getting shots and coggins test and other stuff on 21 horses we owed Tennessee Equine around $4,000, then Belle ended up having to be put down I think that was $350 or so I don't remember exactly what that cost, then Dolly had her scare and that was another $800 then Sebastian had to go to the vet right after we got him and that was $300-400 then the same night we got home Biscotti had to go to the vet and be put down which was another$3,500- $4,000 which brings us to now still owing Tennessee Equine and now owing Memphis Veterinary specialist over $4,000. So to save you adding that up we are at $13,500 minimum just since May or so. That honestly doesn't include all the pregnancy checks on the mares and Tias feet and Bucks stuff. It's been a LOT and is quite depressing to say the least. So when I say we just can't leave him any longer I pray nobody judges us for making the call to bring him home tomorrow despite him really still needing to be there. I hope maybe people will stop asking why we need to rehome some of our horses and cows. Farming is not for the faint of heart although it will make you faint hearted sometimes.

I know we have not gone live as much like we wanted to. We have been trying to bale hay for the winter. I know we haven't done our treat drives twice a week. Again we have been trying to do hay. I know we didn't have the raffle today. We didn't sell any tickets but we also didn't advertise because this thing with Sebastian threw us off.(we planned to go live the night it happened)

We are not giving up but man sometimes it's really hard not to want to. We have had so much hurt, heartbreak, death and sadness this year it's pretty overwhelming to say the least.

So PLEASE pray for Sebastian but also for Tim and Myself. We feel so under attack physically, mentally, spiritually and financially lately. I KNOW things will get better, I just really pray it is soon. Till then we will continue to trust God to lead us where we need to go, what we need to do and what steps He wants us to take.

If you know anyone that is looking for a horse we still have some available. Honey, Rosa, Tanka, and Contessa all still need good homes. We can help with delivery.

Thank you,

Heather and Tim

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Aug 28, 2023

Tim and Heather,

I share in your saga of all the bills and tragedys..I truly know the feeling..I owned 6 horses and that even got to be a strapping situation at times because the unexpected always arises..I lost 1, sold 3 and kept 2...

We all understand your dilemma and hardship. You do the best you can and move on. I speak for many that love SMR, you,Tim,your family and farm..we pray that Sébastien recovers..accidents happen and we all feel bad. You guys need to take care of yourselves as well, there's alot on your plate. When you can do lives we appreciate it, after all your our second tic toc family and we care...



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