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So great.

I just took a nap due to being an old fart and little sleep last night.

This was even better than 1st dream. Tango appeared and jumped again into my bed.

Tango was cradled in my arms. We were nose to nose. I could feel his body next to mine as I petted him. He pushed his nose against my lips and I kissed his head down to his nose. This was something we always did. He did his famous "purr" sound. This lasted quite a while.

Then I was, in my dream, leaving the bedroom, and he appeared out of nowhere, walked in front of me and turned and went into the other room. It sent me back to the bed. It was so real. It was such a comfy moment and I spoke gently to him. It was fabulous.

Seriously, I could feel him.

Brandi French
Cher Silvia

Awww just seeing this. I love when I get to dream about passed loved ones/pets. It is so nice and comfortable. I’m glad you were able to see sweet Tango again and spend some time with him. Makes me happy for you and to get to picture you in my mind with him. Love you and thank you for sharing with us. ❤️❤️❤️



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