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Please keep me in your prayers because my neighbor is complaining about me to my property manager that she can hear my dog barking and that I'm slamming my door. Which my dog isn't barking because she is at daycare all day and I shut my door but it echoes in the hallway. Then I also need prayers bc I am taking medical terminology and anatomy for coding and I'm taking facility based coding for outpatient and then I have to finish both courses before the end of 2023 and pass the examination for aapc with 70% to be able to get my certification all before December 31st or I have to get the new 2024 medical coding books and start over studying. Also please pray bc I lost a friend to a heart attack Wednesday night I just saw her three weeks ago and we were supposed to do all the medical field stuff together. So just pray everything will just work out for me and keep praying for my bankruptcy and that I will get my taxes worked out too.

Kenzie G
Evelyn- Эвелин
Lisa Jones
Lisa Jones
Feb 11, 2023

Regarding the door issue issues get a copy of when you're in school to prove that you are not at home when she's accusing you of slamming the door. and prayers on the codeng that you get it done in the time it's needed to be with it good grades! ❤️



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