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Good morning everyone. I hope all is well. Tims been out of town on a field trip with Noah so it's been just me around the house with the babies. I miss him but it's also been nice getting to make my own videos of the farm. Don't worry he will be home today and you will have the "Good voice" back. 😅🫣😂🤣

Brandi French

I love your videos weather it’s Tim or you Heather and Ty for sharing your life as well as the Animals, you both are the two sweetest , caring, loving, family Ranch I’ve ever known. Even though I’ve never met you in person I feel like you been part of my family for a life time if that makes since. I know Iwon’t be able to come and visit the Ranch Due to an Illness that I wish I could cure. It’s got me now where I’m on the End Stage Of COPD and I’m on Hospice at home staying comfortable with Afamily. I’m not letting this get the best of me as I have a strong will and I have My family and God bAsy my side. So if you could just say a prayer for me that is all I need , I pray that you and Tim and all the Animals are doing well and l Thank you for sharing them all with us as. Well in ihhhhhhhggggg



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