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Hi. I need lots of prayers, please. I am getting evicted from my apartment on 02-15 because I have no money for rent. I have nowhere to go. I've contacted women's shelters, but you have to pay to stay. I have no money. I am interviewing for jobs, but so far haven't got any offers. Please pray for me. I can stay in my car, but I won't have any food. I've already had to take my cat to the shelter because I can't take care of him. Please pray. Sorry this is so long. Thank you.

Brenda Haberland
Gillian Mobley
Evelyn- Эвелин
Heather Martin
Heather Martin
Feb 16, 2023

Kay I pray that you can get a job quickly. Picture the job you want and picture then calling and offering you MORE than what you need money wise. Picture the perfect house opening up for you. See it, believe it will happen. God wants you to be secure and safe he will provide. Big Hugs



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