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Good morning y'all. I just wanted to ask if y'all will keep me in prayers today, tomorrow and the next while to come, I am headed to my preop testing today, then have to be at the hospital tomorrow at 5:30 am eastern Time for my open heart surgery. Please pray for the drs and nurses and everything goes smoothly and a smooth easy recovery so I can come home soon. Heather, Tim and The mods, will be able to update you guys. And I will update here when I can and am able to. I am thankful to have all of you guys as my smr family I love all of y'all ❤️ also please take a moment to pray for everyone else that is in need of prayer, I hope you all have a great day

Ms.Lisa Garlie
Debbie Moretti
Theresa M.
Cher Silvia
Cher Silvia
Dec 12, 2023

Sending 🙏🙏 for the Drs doing the surgery. 🙏🙏 For a speeding recovery. Hugs and love



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