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I don't normally post, but we found a property that is in the price range I feel comfortable with and is zoned for livestock. The people who currently own it have cows, goats, chickens, and horses so the property is already completely fenced off and has areas fenced off for their animals. Our realtor is currently running the numbers to see if we could sell our current home and either break even or make a small profit..... I was looking to wait a year or two since we literally just bought this house 16 months ago, but we need/want the property for Ignacia. So prayers, good vibes, or whatever you believe in please.....

Sarah Lee
Debbie Moretti
Tina Treish
Paulette Dyson
Paulette Dyson
01 sept. 2023

Thanks y’all…if it’s meant to be it’ll work out, but if not I already have a lovely location set up for her where she’ll be able to stay and have other horse friends until we can bring her to our own barn ❤️



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