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I hope everyone is having a blessed day. Asking for prayers for me and my son who has a drug addiction. He lost his Dad a year ago and turned to drugs to cope and avoid grieving. I have been to hell and back with him over this past year. He is now having to live on the streets. Due to my living in a rental and the landlord has made him leave. Thank you all so much!!!

Debbie Moretti
JessiRae Rorabaugh
Yvonne Marquez
Betty Ross
Oct 16, 2023

So scared for my son. He called me the other morning at 4 a.m. I saw his name come up on my phone display. When I answered, this voice which I didn’t recognized as my son’s, says, “your son is dead!” It was a demonic voice. Shocked I hung up right away. Then yesterday I met up with him to check in and make sure he was eating. This person, was my son’s body but my son wasn’t inside, it was something else. I can only describe it as a demon the way it was talking, saying hateful things attacking me verbally and denouncing God. Please pray God will deliver him. Thank you and God bless you.



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