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Hey y'all, another update . They checked my hemoglobin and it was low, they found out I am ememic and they gave me a pint of iron in an iv, but the surgeon came in to see me today, and said I am doing good but he wants me to have a pint of blood ( blood transfusion) before I go home because I live so far from here it's over a 2 hour drive and I'll have enough blood in my body when I go home and it will help make my hemoglobin up.. I am currently gettin the blood now, please keep me in prayer for no reactions to this transfusion that for some reason wouldn't work. Please pray this goes smoothly and I can for sure get to go home tomorrow or Monday. ❤️ Thabk u all for all the love and support and prayer. I love y'all

Whitney Gordon
Robyn Crawford
Ms.Lisa Garlie
17 déc. 2023

Extra prayers and hugs 🙏🙏🙏🤗🤗🤗



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