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I am asking for prayers for myself as I rented a place that did not allow me to have my two dogs. I rented this place because there were no alternative choices; it was winter time and I was homeless. I had a friend who volunteered to take my dogs and foster them until I could get on my feet and locate housing that would allow them. Here I am six months later still trying to find alternative housing. I have two months before I can move from here. I pray my dogs will live that long as my friend who has them is I found out neglecting them. I can't report to animal control because they will pick them up and proceed to either adopt them out or put them down. I can't see anyone adopting them because they have psychological problems. Also I love them so much they are my family since I am a widow, senior citizen citizen and living ce alone. Thank you.

Heather Martin
Heather Martin
May 30, 2023

Oh Ms Betty that is heartbreaking! I pray something works out soon for you and your babies. ❤️❤️🙏



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